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Surety Bonds

Fidelity Bonds & Insurance


Including Mexico, Canada

And Puerto Rico

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Most Surety Bonds Issued Regardless of Credit

High Commissions !

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We Now Offer Bonds In

Puerto Rico

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Fidelity Bond for escrow companies

which in the past was available only to EIC members

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J. R. Olsen Bonds represents over 20 AM best rated companies
T-listed, admitted Insurance Companies to fulfill your needs
No bond too big or too small
No minimum production required
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30 Plus Years Serving Agents and Brokers


Lower Rates - High Commission

30 Plus Years Serving Agents and Brokers

Lower Rates - High Commission

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(Most quotes will be provided within 4 hours, Surety bonds usually issued regardless of credit)

Featured Bonds

Here are this months featured bonds.

Escrow Fidelity/Cyber Liability Bond

Also Available : License, E&O, Etc .
Call or email Ester Sadusky for more info Ester 818-227-2620 ester@jrolsenbonds.com

California Contractor Disciplinary Bond

The Disciplinary bond is for a Contractor that has been in trouble with the CSLB and has been ordered to obtain a disciplinary bond. The Disciplinary Bond must be filed in addition to, and cannot take the place of or be combined with, any other license bond required to maintain an active contractor’s license.

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We have simplified the approval process and we have the lowest rates available based on applicant’s qualifications. Contact our underwriters for more information.

(higher rates applicable)

About Us

J.R. Olsen Bonds & Insurance Brokers, Inc. was formed in 1984 with its primary objective to provide bonding support to Insurance Brokers and Agents (Wholesale) throughout the United States and the public (Retail). This occurs through referrals from Broker/Agents, Insurance Companies, Associations, City, State and Federal Agencies, as well as aggressive advertising. We have a proven track record within the industry of being professional, responsive and known for accomplishing the impossible. We are licensed in most all states and represent 15 different Insurance Companies that are admitted, rated and treasury listed by the Federal Government. Most all of these companies have given us the power of attorney to sign on their behalf due to the trust they have in our capabilities and it obviously helps us to be more responsive to client needs. Due to our expertise the insurance companies also allow us to underwrite and issue numerous types of bonds within guidelines established by the Insurance Companies.

Our clients range from the "Mom and Pop" type operation to the Banks, public companies, cities, etc. We have developed programs for associations, large professional groups, clubs, organizations, etc. and have been very successful in providing what our clients require.

We have established this website to help you in providing the best possible service. Surety Bonds, Fidelity Bonds and/or Insurance can be processed quickly and efficiently by merely picking the coverage needed, and submitting your application to J.R. Olsen Bonds, for an immediate response. We would like to thank you for using J.R. Olsen Bonds and we look forward to working with you again.