No underwriting, No credit check, No credit, No problem

This new program is so easy for purchasing an Instant Issue Bond, just properly complete application and send in with payment and you will receive the bond. That’s it! Premium for these bonds are very low!!!

Please Select Your State to View What Bonds are Available

Based on Your State a List of Bonds will show Below

Example Bonds:

Oregon Highway Use Tax Bonds (up to $5,000)

Care Facility Bonds (up to $5,000)

Insurance Broker Bonds ($100 for 3 years coverage)

Oregon Contractors License Bond
(1% of premium of bond amount. Ex: $20,000 bond, premium $200)

Business Service Bond/Janitorial Bond

ERISA Bond Qualified & Non-Qualified
Maximum Premium $450. Bond Amount is 10% of plan. Maximum Bond Amount $500,000 or 10% of 5-million.

Pest Control Bonds (California) $12,500 Premium, $250/annual

Fidelity Bonds/Employee Dishonesty Bonds up to $100,000

Applications for Instant Issue Bonds:

NOTE: Most License and Permit Bonds that are not in this program (Instant Issue) can still be issued regardless of credit.

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Underwriting requirements and premiums may change without notice.